Thursday, August 6, 2009

RIP - John Hughes

The DYFAM team is EXTREMELY saddened to report that John Hughes died of a heart attack this morning while out for a walk. Our film will be dedicated to his memory. His films will speak for him forever.


  1. Sad news indeed. Hope to see your documentary on him released soon.

  2. I can't believe that this genius man has gone. He helped shape my teen (and twenty something ) years and I am truly saddened by his passing. I'm glad I found your blog a couple of days ago and hope to show them to my daughter some day. Love to you guys from the UK x

  3. Unbelievable!!! This is such sad news. His films left a permanent impression on me. I loved his work!

    So sad...

  4. Mr. Hughes...thank you for all your movie magic. You've left an indelible mark in the lives of so many...the brains, the athletes, the basketcases, the princesses, the criminals and all the other quirky characters that make up the minefield that is the world of teenagers.

    It's going to be an 80s movie and music weekend for me. My walk down memory lane...John Hughes style. I may even take out the old VCR and cassette deck to make it a true retro 80s flashback.

  5. He will be sadly missed. Thank you so much for your documentary, it will be a nice RIP. Can't believe he's gone...

  6. I'm sure this is NOT how you wanted to increase exposure to your film but I guarantee you your documentary will now certainly go straight through the roof. From what I've already seen, this is a very heartfelt tribute to an amazing artist. Nice work.

  7. *About what Jeff said, I would definitely agree! JoBlo's covered you, but they're making it sound like because John Hughes has passed you're going to pull out the docu...? That's not true, is it?

  8. Hughes was huge for me.
    I loved his films at first sight. But I was kinda young, I didn't pay attention on who was the director and this kind of things. I just loved some movies, and couldn't tell why exactly. Later, when I realized that all that bunch of movies I loved so much came fom the same guy, my brain exploded. He was a freaking genius when the subject was to communicate to young people. Why he stopped in 91? Maybe because he though people change and that 80s generation was not there any more to be pleased. Genius was wrong. I'd love to watch all that movies over and over again at my age (37), and I'm pretty sure that all that generation would too.
    Bye Hughes!

  9. Did John Hughes die from overweight issues, depression, diabetes, family heart history? Was he a smoker? Was he a bit overweight? Why media blackout?

    PHOTO CAPTION: In the photo above, that's John Hughes, executive producer on the 2001 movie NEW PARK SOUTH, left, with director Kyle Cooper, center and one of his sons, James Hughes, right, who wrote the screenplay. The photo was taken circa 2000, 9 years before Mr Hughes death from heart attack at age 59. He was already looking a bit overweight, portly, Marlon Brando-ish, John Candy-ish, no? WHY? Compare with earlier slim photo, maybe 20 years earlier: 1984-ish.

    1. Why are there no current photos of John Hughes online anywhere?
    All the photos in the news are from 1984, 1988. Are there no photos from 2006, or 2008? Why not?

    2. is it true that he had become grossly overweight like John Candy and John Goodman and Marlin Brando over the past 15 years and that he was fat and diabetic and knew he was on a fast track to pokkuri sudden death?

    3. I loved the man, his work, his genius, he movies, his walking away from Hollywood, who he blamed for Candy's death at 43, according to blogger Alison's post that has gone viral, but what about the personal here?

    4. Was John Hughes overweight, grossly or just a bit and why?

    5. Did he have history of heart disease in his family, mom or dad or grandpa? Somebody should be looking into these details too. People just don't pop off and die. They also take with them secrets and things the public never hears until much later.

    6. Let's find out soon, maybe in the next 10 years, no hurry, why he died at 59 from a Heart attack....

    7. NOT ONE BLOG has looked into this so far.

    8. Again, I honor and respect the man, John Hughes. He is my brother. An artist, a creative man, a wordsmith. I feel sad that he died so young. I just want to know the medical reasons for his death and what he looked like in the last years, fat or thin, and why he became a recluse the last 15 years and why he blamed hollywood for Candy's death. Anybody know?

    Did John Hughes die from overweight issues, depression, diabetes, family heart history? Was he a smoker? Was he a bit overweight? Why media blackout?

  10. As long as there are teenagers, John's work will live on.

    My sympathies to the Hughes Family.

  11. Can't wait to see this documentary. Thanks so much for making it! I've always loved John Hughes' films, but it wasn't till his death that I learned he lived on a farm about 20 minutes away from me, and feel a connection beyond just my appreciation for his work.

  12. Unbelievable! R.I.P Mr. Hughes.

    Anderson Mendes, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil