Thursday, November 26, 2009


On our 2nd trip to NYC, we interviewed stand-up comedian Christian Finnegan.

Christian is perhaps best known as one of the original cast members of VH1’s “Best Week Ever”, where he offered keen insight into the workings of popular culture and the ubiquity of celebrity genitalia. “Chappelle’s Show” fans will recognize him as ‘Chad’, the only white roommate in the infamous “Mad Real World” sketch. And pinko Communists know Christian from his regular appearances on MSNBC’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann”.

He is also a huge John Hughes fan. Though some of what you will see WAS written as part of an early act, most of the interview was just a casual conversation.

I made him do it on stage, at a comedy club, without any audience. Poor guy. He was also left on the cutting room floor. He was funny and made some great comments about teen flicks and so we share it with you.

Look for his new comedy DVD coming out soon. It really is hilarious.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Named after a duck's dork

Okay. Wow. Lots of current action. Now back to the the past: Our timeline of interviews.

We were bound to L.A for the 2nd time. First on our list was to speak with Gedde Watanabe. Long Duck Dong. The Donger.

Gedde was actually doing Shakespeare when the audition came around to be in Hughes' first film.

His interview was extremely funny and also very melancholic. You'll see what I mean.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

U.S update

Hi guys,

We don't have DVD or iTunes info for the doc yet, but we do know that Encore/Starz is planning a Big '80s Weekend during Christmas, a three-day tribute to the decade and one of its most prolific filmmakers, John Hughes. Our flick will kick off the festivities.

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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Early Reviews

Well, it's only been two days since our Canadian release, and so far our doc has been warmly received. Here's a sample of what the critics are saying :

"Here are some early reviews!!!
"The directors sudden death in August makes the doc's release - and frank interviews - all more poignant."
National Post - We Can't Wait For....

"Don’t You Forget About Me has a nifty gimmick, following Sadowski and his three producers as they try to track down the reclusive Hughes ostensibly for an interview, but really just to tell him how much they miss him."
Varsity - Will Sloan

"Don't You Forget About Me is a fun walk down memory lane for anyone who grew up watching Hughes' work. You can feel the love that Matt and the people behind it have for Hughes, and the interview subjects (which include stars of Hughes' films like Judd Nelson and Alan Ruck, along with Roger Ebert, Kevin Smith and Jason Reitman) genuinely admire this man and his work."
****City News - Brian McKechnie
"The crew plants the cameras in front of some great talkers who have plenty of interesting ideas."
*** CanWest - Katherine Monk

"...builds a strong case for the reclusive director's substantial influence on the generation of filmmakers that followed. It's a well assembled retrospective."
*** Now Magazine - Norman Wilner

" as a sort of tribute (a very entertaining one) to a man who gave voice to a generation; a great companion piece to any of Hughes’ films."
*** Row Three - Marina Antunes"