Thursday, August 27, 2009

Judd's magic glasses

Judd Nelson is the man. 

I'm going to try and keep this short as this cutting room floor vid is a bit longer than usual (so much good stuff, the guy is just so hard to cut down), and I know you'll want to get to watching it.

I'm sure my team would agree that Judd Nelson was one of our best interviews, and definitely one of  the favorite people we met along the way. 

When we first met Judd for the interview.. he wasn't Judd. He was full out Bender ; Wore his sunglasses inside, smoking, stumbling about, ranting and raving. He was so kinetic and spontaneous, we had no idea what kind of sound bites we would get. 

I set up the camera, turned it on...and Judd took a moment...took off his sunglasses and switched them for his prescription glasses. *SNAP* He transformed. 

You'll see how intelligent and heartfelt he is in our film...but until then, check Judd out below!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hughes would have liked

Things have been crazy over here. Since we've signed a distribution deal, completely overwhelming media attention and a staggering amount of interest, it's been a mad dash to polish and deliver the film so you can see it. It's been loooong days and short nights, but we will have a major announcement shortly.

So, with that in mind I (we) are not able to offer you our usual Thursday production anecdote nor cutting room floor interview segment. Also note, last week was purposely not updated to take a moment of silence for John.

Instead - this week- I found and offer you this. A band called Phoenix from France that John would have absolutely loved.

A fan took their music and created an 80's tribute video and now the band is exploding. See the video and hear their awesome track, Lisztomania, here.

Friday, August 7, 2009


What a crazy day today. One thing I (we) wanted to make clear. At the beginning of this piece the host (Reggie - thank you so much for an incredible interview and opportunity) basically says that because Hughes died, we never finished the journey of our film. We just want everyone to know that our film was finished/in the can/waiting to be release BEFORE his death. The plot of the documentary (other than the amazing interviews giving us insight into John) is if we'll get the interview with him as we road trip it to Chicago from Toronto. You'll have to see the doc to find out what his response is, but his death did not effect the ending...but merely, what would happen next. Would Hughes come back? Now, we know the answer. Only in spirit.


Watch it here!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

RIP - John Hughes

The DYFAM team is EXTREMELY saddened to report that John Hughes died of a heart attack this morning while out for a walk. Our film will be dedicated to his memory. His films will speak for him forever.

I'm not going to go there

Justin Henry. You probably don't remember his name,but you will definitely remember his face if you loved Sixteen Candles as much as I did. He played the little obnoxious brother. His character's name was Michael Baker, which coincidentally is the name of our docs Executive Producer. Also noteworthy is that Justin is amongst a small little clique in Hollywood of 'youngest Oscar nominees'. As just a wee lad, he was nominated for his role in Kramer vs Kramer. 

I found that he looked EXACTLY the same. Just a little older, with a bigger vocabulary and a mortgage. He had a special relationship with John, and was quite well spoken and introspective in the interview. 

Speaking with him was special and took on a huge importance in that for the first time, there was an air of mystery surrounding Hughes and his absence/disappearance. Justin knew something. Something he just wasn't prepared to say (he was the first of many that wouldn't "talk") . 

In the clip below you'll see how I try to covertly (NOT) reask the question in hopes that in his answer I would get at least a clue of what he was hiding. But he didn't answer,physically stiffened up, and the interview concluded soon after. If anything, just watch the clip for that bit.

My apologies to Justin for crossing a line, but after all. I'm a former journalism student and documentarian, it's my "job" to try and go after truth...Okay, now I feel better.