Friday, August 7, 2009


What a crazy day today. One thing I (we) wanted to make clear. At the beginning of this piece the host (Reggie - thank you so much for an incredible interview and opportunity) basically says that because Hughes died, we never finished the journey of our film. We just want everyone to know that our film was finished/in the can/waiting to be release BEFORE his death. The plot of the documentary (other than the amazing interviews giving us insight into John) is if we'll get the interview with him as we road trip it to Chicago from Toronto. You'll have to see the doc to find out what his response is, but his death did not effect the ending...but merely, what would happen next. Would Hughes come back? Now, we know the answer. Only in spirit.


  1. Just in case you don't know about this:
    Sincerely, John Hughes
    A must read!

  2. Did John Hughes die from overweight issues, depression, diabetes, family heart history? Was he a smoker? Was he a bit overweight? Why media blackout?

    PHOTO CAPTION: In the photo above, that's John Hughes, executive producer on the 2001 movie NEW PARK SOUTH, left, with director Kyle Cooper, center and one of his sons, James Hughes, right, who wrote the screenplay. The photo was taken circa 2000, 9 years before Mr Hughes death from heart attack at age 59. He was already looking a bit overweight, portly, Marlon Brando-ish, John Candy-ish, no? WHY? Compare with earlier slim photo, maybe 20 years earlier: 1984-ish.

    1. Why are there no current photos of John Hughes online anywhere?
    All the photos in the news are from 1984, 1988. Are there no photos from 2006, or 2008? Why not?

    2. is it true that he had become grossly overweight like John Candy and John Goodman and Marlin Brando over the past 15 years and that he was fat and diabetic and knew he was on a fast track to pokkuri sudden death?

    3. I loved the man, his work, his genius, he movies, his walking away from Hollywood, who he blamed for Candy's death at 43, according to blogger Alison's post that has gone viral, but what about the personal here?

    4. Was John Hughes overweight, grossly or just a bit and why?

    5. Did he have history of heart disease in his family, mom or dad or grandpa? Somebody should be looking into these details too. People just don't pop off and die. They also take with them secrets and things the public never hears until much later.

    6. Let's find out soon, maybe in the next 10 years, no hurry, why he died at 59 from a Heart attack....

    7. NOT ONE BLOG has looked into this so far.

    8. Again, I honor and respect the man, John Hughes. He is my brother. An artist, a creative man, a wordsmith. I feel sad that he died so young. I just want to know the medical reasons for his death and what he looked like in the last years, fat or thin, and why he became a recluse the last 15 years and why he blamed hollywood for Candy's death. Anybody know?

    Did John Hughes die from overweight issues, depression, diabetes, family heart history? Was he a smoker? Was he a bit overweight? Why media blackout?

  3. Hahaha, is that an "Abe Froman" shirt?
    Congrats on the coverage, guys! This is great!

  4. Bless you guys for making this documentary. As a huge Hughes fan, I've been waiting for someone to put a film like this to honor such a staple in popular culture. Although his death was sad and untimely, I can't think of a better ending to your film. Some meetings are better left to the imagination...

  5. Guys, lets not tick off molly, ok? I'd hate to miss the movie because she denied all use of her image even in the file footage, leaving only the bulurring of her face

  6. Hey Elizabeth. Everyone is welcome to the opinion and criticism of us, our film, Hughes etc, but ofcourse we will censor overly aggressive crass comments. We've said in multiple times over multiple boards, blogs, interviews. We lived and breathed for this man for almost 4 years. Nobody else was making a film to honor his contributions to cinema and adolescence and we put our lives aside to make something great for him, the people who worked with him and his fans. We went to bed Thursday morning and woke up completely overwhelmed with e-mails, support, condolences and a request from CNN. In the middle of a hectic day running around like chickens with their heads cut off, we were able to fit in the CNN interview. We were shell shocked, nervous, excited that now finally the people we made this film for will actually get to see it and followed a tone set by Reggie, the anchor. It wasn't a piece asking us comment in grave sadness about the tragic turn of events, they wanted to celebrate the fact that there's this film that actually celebrates his life that was coincidentally being made. We apologize if you felt like we came across "happy". If you watch the segment again you'll see just how lost we were but trying to pull it together. Things happen quicker than you're able to think in an interview, but at the end of the interview we feel like we summed up the mood (you can see my melancholy all over my face) and our best wishes to the family.

    Thank you for your feedback.

  7. Great stuff guys. I'm so thrilled for you. Like I said a few posts ago, I know this isn't how you wanted to make this happen but, y'know, life is nothing if not strange.

  8. This is all very cool, Mike and team Hughes. When your docu comes out in Canada and USA and worldwide, when fans attend, they will form a new John Hughes brigrade of sorts, coming to the theater or college auditorium bringing their memories with them and also assorted nicknacks of posters and books and signed photos of the stars, and as the movie screens around the world, the nightly meetings of these fans before during and after the screening will be come the talk of the town, of Hollywood and there will be great glowing news reports in the National Post and the New York Times and a new generation of fans will come forward too. I greet this, even at age 60. Go go go. This is good. Timely. You deserve all the sucess that comes your way because you worked for 4 years on this with no end in sight. Lady Luck prevailed. RIP dear John Hughes.

  9. "Bittersweet" is right. I also just directed a documentary that benefited from someone else's tragedy. It is a hard thing to come to terms with. Like you, we were already making the film when tragedy hit and probably like you, that is how I can live with myself. Regardless, congratualtions are in order.

    I, for one, cannot wait to see your film. Just the music on your blog is making nostalgic. My film is premiering in Toronto in September. If you guys are going to be around, I'd love to hook up. Get in touch.

    Best of luck,

    Joshua Ligairi