Thursday, August 27, 2009

Judd's magic glasses

Judd Nelson is the man. 

I'm going to try and keep this short as this cutting room floor vid is a bit longer than usual (so much good stuff, the guy is just so hard to cut down), and I know you'll want to get to watching it.

I'm sure my team would agree that Judd Nelson was one of our best interviews, and definitely one of  the favorite people we met along the way. 

When we first met Judd for the interview.. he wasn't Judd. He was full out Bender ; Wore his sunglasses inside, smoking, stumbling about, ranting and raving. He was so kinetic and spontaneous, we had no idea what kind of sound bites we would get. 

I set up the camera, turned it on...and Judd took a moment...took off his sunglasses and switched them for his prescription glasses. *SNAP* He transformed. 

You'll see how intelligent and heartfelt he is in our film...but until then, check Judd out below!


  1. Excellent! The heartfelt (you were right) the humor passion and love of acting.

  2. Love that Judd is in the moment and speaking what comes into his mind. Will be interesting the see the full interview.

    So glad Judd was cast as Bender instead of John Cusack.

  3. Judd Nelson's my favorite! Thanks for this gem.

  4. IDK why I can't see the video. Any hints tips? What am I doing wrong?