Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hughes would have liked

Things have been crazy over here. Since we've signed a distribution deal, completely overwhelming media attention and a staggering amount of interest, it's been a mad dash to polish and deliver the film so you can see it. It's been loooong days and short nights, but we will have a major announcement shortly.

So, with that in mind I (we) are not able to offer you our usual Thursday production anecdote nor cutting room floor interview segment. Also note, last week was purposely not updated to take a moment of silence for John.

Instead - this week- I found and offer you this. A band called Phoenix from France that John would have absolutely loved.

A fan took their music and created an 80's tribute video and now the band is exploding. See the video and hear their awesome track, Lisztomania, here.


  1. I have already seen this video and think it brilliant. Brings back alot of great memories.

    RIP, John