Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Our mistake

We made a boo boo. In our completed edit we credited somebody that doesn't exist, in place of someone who does. We interviewed Joel Gallen (Director) and Mike Bender (Writer) behind NOT ANOTHER TEEN MOVIE. One of the other credited writers was Jay Epstein. Somehow we amalgamated his name with Mike's to come up with MIKE EPSTEIN. I'm sure there's a Mike Epstein somewhere out there, and he's a super nice guy, but we didn't interview him in our film. We interviewed Mike Bender, and are so sorry we fudged it and it's out there now.

Other than writing some funny flicks Mike is also the brain behind a blog called Check it out!

Mike's been good humoured about the mix-up, but still, we're pretty embarrassed. How could we mess up his last name when it's BENDER!!!??!!


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