Wednesday, February 24, 2010

You Asked For It

Lately, we've been getting e-mails asking who is on our soundtrack. We're so happy that people are into the tunes. One of our goals, was to follow suit with what Hughes did and put music that WE liked into the film from artists not many have heard of. We're very proud to give you the list. Now get out there, download on itunes or heck, even buy a CD...and tell em we sent you :)

“How We Exit - Gentleman Reg

“The Sun Is Coming Up And My Plane’s Coming Down” - Young Galaxy

“Glory” - The Acorn

“Rabbit In A Snare” - The Paper Cranes

“Don’t Talk Down” - The Stills

"Trouble On The Patio" 
- The Waking Eyes

"Immaculate Heart" - American Analog Set 

"Not Moving At All" - Major Maker

"What Your Baby’s Been Doing?" - The Small Sins

“The Silence” - Cancel Winter

“Drugs” - Memory Bank

“Going, Going, Gone” - Stars

“Cool Kids Keep” - American Analog Set

“I Need A Friend” - The Small Sins

“What Princes Feel” - The Small Sins

“We’re In A Thunderstorm” - Gentleman Reg

“Being Here” - The Stills

“Number 12” - Memory Bank

"Last Goodbye" - Major Maker

“We Will Break Our Own Hearts” - The Small Sins

“Let Me Be Your Ferris Bueller” - The Carnations

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