Thursday, February 18, 2010

You Couldn't Ignore Me If You Tried

Let me tell you why. They're an entirely different medium for sharing an experience or perspective. The written word has so much more impact and a lot less "rules". This is why it's so hard to effectively adapt a well loved/read novel to the screen.

Essentially, in a book, people just talk. This is obviously most true in books that are a collection of essays or interviews or a biography. You can't achieve the same effect in a film, dramatic or documentary. People/distributors just won't sit through/buy a film that is entirely composed of "talking heads", believe me - we tried. Our first cut of the film was just one seamless conversation glued together by all of our interview snippets. On paper, when it was transcribed, it did. On film, it didn't - which is one of the reasons we ended up in the film going after the impossible interview with Hughes.

The other thing about writing a book composed of essays or interviews, is that you have much more access to the people you'd like to include. They don't have to appear on camera and/or they can just send in their stuff through e-mail.

This is why I was SO excited to see the book version of the film we wished we could make. It's called YOU COULDN'T IGNORE ME IF YOU TRIED.

We have absolutely no affiliation with this book other than trying to achieve the goal of imprinting Hughes is the conscience of the world.

Check it out!

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