Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Knock, Knock

Hey avid blog readers. Without our pending U.S release (May/June - we don't know for sure yet) my plan was to upload cutting room floor interview clips with some of our key players (Kevin Smith, Jason Reitman, Andrew McCarthy etc) - but my transfer deck is broken so I can't edit and upload at the moment. But they are a'comin.

Until that day I just wanted to take a moment to explain why we went on our "get an interview with Hughes" roadtrip.

It was never our intention to be in the film. After our first year of making the film and getting nowhere with trying to get the exclusive interview with the ellusive Hughes, we simply gave up. We focused on the people who worked with him or were influenced by him. It's not just that he hasn't given "an" interview since 1999. When Time magazine wanted to do an article with him, he said no. When the Biography channel wanted to do an interview with him, he said no. When MTV was giving him an award, he didn't show up. When his old high school wanted to give him an award, he didn't accept. When they dug up an idea Hughes wrote down on a napkin in the 80s (Drillbit Taylor)and Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow wanted to meet with him, he said no.

So, why did we go?

Simply, we were naive enough to believe everyone else just didn't try hard enough. Nobody else had put their lives on hold for four years, or spent private money making a tribute to him. And nobody else went as far to knock on his door and ask him face to face.



  1. i've watched the trailer online over and over, and everytime i get little shivers and a few threatening tears when i see that door knock.
    i cannot wait til there's a region 4 copy of this that i can watch in australia to see how it went.

  2. I just finished watching this on Netflix and may I be the one of many to say BRAVO!! I loved it and it brought back many memories some good some bad, but all appreciated. I tell you what, my heart was beating out of my chest when you walked up to the door. I wonder now at this point after JH's death, have you thought to reach out to his family and possible see if they would like to add to the film if for no other reason than to get some closer? Well no matter what, your doc is great ,I can only hope JH is looking down and finally realizes that he didn't need to be in heaven, everyone already looked up to him.

  3. Thanks so much guys... I finally got to see the documentary I've been looking forward to for 4 years. Sad Hughes might never have seen it, but at least we all got to. : )

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