Friday, August 6, 2010

The Hughes Generation

Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Hughes' death.

Before the title of our documentary eerily became "Don't You Forget
About Me", it was "The Hughes Generation.".

Our belief at the genesis of the idea to make a film about Hughes, was
that he was largely behind helping an entire generation (or two)
define themselves/grow into themselves/be okay with their selves
through adolescence and beyond.

One reviewer of our film said that his death did more to cement his
importance than our documentary could ever hope to do. And he was
absolutely right. We are sorry it took his passing for people to truly
appreciate the impact he had/has.

This blog post is devoted to John Hughes, his wife and kids and
everyone who felt a connection to themselves through his movies.

Through the amount of emails and tweets we've received about people
who have enjoyed our documentary and the articles/blog postings we've
read, it's clear there IS a Hughes Generation, and nobody has
forgotten him.

Today, let's all raise our arm to John ala Bender in the final frame
of Breakfast Club, and say thanks!

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  1. A few months back, Vanity Fair had a great piece on John Hughes. The article mentioned that John had over 300 book binders filled with stories, ideas, etc.

    As a fan of Hughes' work, I hope the family someday releases these books to the public to view.

    The world is a colder place without John Hughes in it.

    RIP, John

  2. I just finished watching the doc. Somehow I hadn't realized that today was the anniversary until the end.

    Good job :-)

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  4. Dear Guys, like Jessi, I didn't realise it was Hughes anniversary. I watched the doc. and all those memories of his films came back. its good to see his films are being reappraised. Its long overdue

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