Thursday, July 2, 2009


Out of the four of us, Lenny was the only one with a "real job".  He works for a wine company , spending most of his time on the road, so it was exciting to have him with us on our first star interview with Ms Ally Sheedy. As he wouldn't have an opportunity to speak to many others during the course of the documentary, I handed the interviewer reins over to Len and stayed behind the camera.  Nerves abound, he did a fantastic job. To give you a bit more perspective on how the interview went down, I hand the blog over to Len.

"The Ally Sheedy interview was memorable for me for a number of reasons. It was the first official interview and well, my first interview asking the questions. The team had been in New York for a while doing their thing and I was making a one day appearance...literally. I flew in at 9 am and we were driving back to Toronto that night. So, I was in for a long day.  From the time I landed in New York, it was as if everything moved in fast forward.  I left the airport and met up with Kari. From there, we went to the location to meet Matt and Mike.  I had questions planned but by the time Ally showed up, I drew a blank and it was autopilot from then on. Now, keep in mind we probably did over 200 interviews for this film. This was the first! No template, no mistakes to draw on or change. When the nerves were going, I went back to the basics. I asked Ally about the things that had really got us to this point, the relevance of Hughes today, the unique magic of his films, the mystery etc. I basically did not have to speak.  Ally went on talking, touching on all of the same things Matt, Mike, Kari and I had been discussing for months. It was amazing to hear Ally Sheedy say that her and other actors, directors felt the same way we did about John.  This was a good starting point. I knew we were onto something special."

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