Thursday, July 30, 2009

She knows Abe Froman

How many people didn't wish Slone Peterson (Ferris Bueller's gal) was their girlfriend? 

The answer? Nobody. So, we sat down with the actress who played her. Mia Sara. Who I already had a crush on at an early age after seeing her in 'Legend'.

She gave good interview :) Mia was funny, very generous with her time, quite honest and vulnerable with us. And she still looks great!

One of the most interesting and suprising things she spoke about was Hughes' approach to setting a tone in pre-production, specifically with the kind of films he screened for his actors. Current teen film writer/directors should definitely take note. 

I could go on about the other things SHE went on about, but you might as well see for yourself...


  1. Quite surprised at how she gave a back handed compliment with Ferris.
    It is not has her career has been blazing hot.

  2. Watching that clip I suddenly realized how much the character of Sloan has influenced what I want in a girlfriend- Beuatiful, yes, but someone who can be a good friend to anyone. Watch her listening to Cameron as they are walking together while Ferris is off sneaking onto the parade float. She is just a good person. The girlfriend characters in most teen films today don't have that kind of depth.

  3. She's still extremely attractive. Very cool that you got the interview. I'm looking forward to the doc.

  4. She's still beautiful. She is one of my favourite actresses. I wish she'd do more films. I think she was underused and underrated. She's said many times how awkward she felt during the filming of Ferris, but I think it is a true testament to her professionalism that it never showed in the film. How long was the interview/is there more footage of her?